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JMO, The Trump White House Leaked his 2005 Taxes

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Trump's verified the leaked tax returns to David Johnston that were showcased on Rachael Maddow's show on MSNB last night are in fact his returns..I think Trump planted those deliberately. Today Trump was asked if he leaked that return and he denied that, calling it "despicable". But when asked if the White House did, he evaded the question. I think it's pretty reasonable to assume Trump didn't sneak out of the White House and plant it in Johnston's mail box.

My reasons for thinking the Trump White House planted the leaked returns are:

1)Trump has deliberately used leaks a number of times in the past, about things you'd never think any self respecting person in the world would, which I post in the next thread.

2) Trump's 2005 taxes make him look reasonably good. It was known it was a good year for Trump, so it dispels the liberal suspicion that he really isn't as rich as he said he was. No matter what year, if anyone wants to make a serious investigation of his taxes.They'll need more info than just the 2 pages of his 1040's which is all that was leaked here.

3)Any IRS agent who would have taken the serious risk to leak Trump taxes would also have access to all of his taxes, including the last few years. Why would an agent take that risk to leak 11 year old taxes, that would have the effect of just implying that Trump was a normal millionaire taxpayer. If this was indicative of Trump's tax history, why would be refusing to release his taxes now?

I think MSNBC sees a benefit to keeping Trump's non disclosure of his taxes an issue. After all, a poll shows 74% of all Americans think he should release his taxes.But I wouldn't be too sure about that. I think they should let the 24 hour news cycle expire and just let the story do whatever it will do.---JMO

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