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Palmer Report's comprehensive history of the Trump scandal

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I think Palmer is largely winging it, but he doesn't fall into the category of fake news, in that much of what he writes is fact based, and most of the time he keeps close to a set of established facts and adds his conjecture that sometimes lapses into outright opinion.

We've previously discussed, that The Palmer Report is fun and almost entertaining to read for those of us who are absolutely convinced that Trump's is severely compromised by his Russian associations, and is ultimately a security risk, that rises to the degree of an  impeachable offense, because it reaffirms our suspicions. I am glad that Doug has brought it forth. But I do find the article credible below by Media Bias Fact Check.  i think it also makes a distinction between the content of the Palmer Report as not being outright fake news by instead  using the phrase "confirmation bias".

Confirmation bias generally consists of taking a set of facts, often unrelated, and building a web of conjecture around them in order to present a specific point of view as opposed to the actual facts.


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