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JDF: response to "Altering Threads" Comment

Michael Clark

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Since my response to the following statement was not strictly true, I felt it deserved an explanation.

Jim Di Eugenio said: "Boy, when you go to work on this site, you alter about six threads and bring things up from eons ago"

My reply was: "I haven't altered anything Jim. I've been told that my bumping has annoyed.... If I raise an old thread it is to keep other threads on-topic, or otherwise worthwhile. "

I replied as I did because I had not altered anything at the time Jim made his post, I don't know what he was referring to. Also, the thread I was responding to had been updated a few times, the last being 2013. It makes far more sense to add to an existing thread than create a new one, unless admin or consensus says otherwise, which has not been the case. In fact, since coming to EF, I have received a lot of support, encouragement and thanks for "going through the stuff in the basement and attic", so to speak.

I have altered other threads. These were threads that were meant to be altered and have posts changed-out, like my Top Ten thread.

I have deleted posts that were in response to infighting which I engaged in, and don't belong on the forum, as a matter of decorum. 

I have not "altered" threads with the perpose of materially changing the record that forum posts create. I have not altered a thread in an unethical or cowardly way, or to hide that I have made some stupid or errant claim; those posts remain.



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On 7/25/2017 at 8:48 PM, James DiEugenio said:


The whole John Liggett story is a pile of baloney.  There was a lawsuit over this.  My sources say that Billy Sol Estes had a role in beginning it.

That should tell you something. Nigel Turner was never a good guy for our side.  Remember the whole Christian David story?  Which did not pan out to say the least.

Boy, when you go to work on this site, you alter about six threads and bring things up from eons ago.

Quoting Jim here so he gets a notification of this response if he has notifications set on.

I also edited-in a link in the original thread so others can see this more-thorough and more-honest reply than I gave in the original thread.

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Also, I do frequently edit-in some new information on threads so I don't have to bump a thread. I always make a note of that when I do it. If I have never replied to a thread, then I do not have a place to edit-in anything, in which case I have to bump it with a response.

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