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C.J. Simpson Drilling Co.

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Nice company you keep.


The Kane Republican from Kane, Pennsylvania · October 23, 1954 Page 5


“The idle Olean refinery of the Socony Vacuum Oil Co. at Olean will be dismantled and the property offered for sale soon. Announcement of the acquisition of the refinery machinery and property by C. J. Simpson of the C. J. Simpson Drilling Co. of Dallas, Texas, was made in New York. Mr. Simpson will remove some of the refining equipment and ship it to Cuba. '



The C. J. Simpson Drilling Company was an oil company active in the 1950s in the United States and Cuba. Its activities included buying a 7,150-barrel Olean, New York oil refinery from Socony-Vacuum Oil Company in 1954 and moving it to Cuba. In 1959 it signed a $10m contract with YPF of Argentina to drill 300 oil wells.


C.J. Simpson Drilling Co. (Clarence J. Simpson) 1520 Life of America Bldg. Dallas, TX.

Portal to Texas History Dallas City Directory. 1957 p. 1187

There is also a C.J. Trucking Co. listed under C.J. Simpson listed at 4224 W. Illinois in Dallas, Tx. (Is this his home address?)





From Mary Ferrell's Database:


Born at Jatibonico, Camaguay, Cuba. Employed by C. J. Simpson Drilling Co., resided briefly in Dallas at 10353 Denton Drive. Fled Castro's Cuba.

Approached Thomas Mosley in Chicago about buying machine guns. 

CD 87. p. 670 (Part of SS submissions to Warren Commission Control# 477)
Echevarria – employed by C.J. Simpson Drilling Co..
Simpson owned vast oil interests in Cuba until Castro takeover. Simpson moved to Mt. Pleasant, MI.


The trial of the C4 Seven”



"One clue to (Barry) Seal’s status is that, after having been caught illegally exporting 7 tons of C4 explosives, no one was in any hurry to bring him to trial.

“I worked for the CJ Simpson de Cuba Drilling Company, which had three rotary drilling rigs operating in Cuba. Whether you or any of your associates are aware of the number of “implements of war” shipped by that company out of the United States as components of drilling equipment, I have no idea. But I advise you to find out! "


Mobil was previously known as the as the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company




Vacuum Oil Company

"Vacuum Oil Company was an American oil company known for their Gargoyle 600-W Steam Cylinder Oil. Vacuum Oil merged with Standard Oil Co of New York, commonly known as Socony Oil to form Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, and is now a part of ExxonMobil.

Vacuum Oil and Standard Oil of New York (Socony) merged in 1931, after the government gave up attempts to prevent it. At the time, the newly combined company made Socony-Vacuum Corp. the 3rd largest oil company, worldwide. Everest remained with the firm, and was given a salaried job as president.

During World War II, the Tschechowitz I & II subcamps of Auschwitz in Czechowice-Dziedzice provided forced labor for Vacuum Oil Company facilities in Poland which were captured and operated by Nazi Germany.

In 1955, the company became Socony Mobil Oil Company. In 1963 it was renamed Mobilgas then just Mobil.

In 1887, founder Hiram Bond Everest and son Charles M. Everest were charged with conspiracy to destroy competitor Buffalo Lubricating Oil Co. It is said that they were attempting to destroy the buildings, preventing them from manufacturing petroleum products, as well as acquiring their skilled employees. One said employee included Albert A. Miller who was being bribed to construct defective machinery so that it would explode. Hiram Everest and Charles Everest were both found guilty.

In 1907 the Vacuum Oil, Standard Oil, New York Central Railroad, and Pennsylvania Railroad were all indicted for violations in Inter-State Commerce laws. Vacuum Oil was charged for shipping 228 cars of petroleum and petroleum products to Standard Oil at unlawful rates via the New York Central RR and Pennsylvania RR."


Nice guys.


Steve Thomas

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