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The hole in the hairline

Pat Speer

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In my contibution to the online seminar I discuss the President's wounds. While most researchers are content to believe that the autopsy photos have been faked, and many believe that even the Zapruder film has been faked, I took some time to look at the autopsy photos and interpret them as if they were authentic. And what I found surprised the hell out of me. It is my contention that the autopsy photos and the medical information reveal three gunshot wounds on the President, one hitting him in the back that did not exit, one hitting him in the hairline and exiting from his throat, and a third shot from behind hitting him near his temple and exploding his skull. Not included in my seminar is my analysis of the Zapruder film and the earwitnesses, which led me to believe the second shot came from the roof of the Dal-tex Building.

I strongly suggest anyone interested in the medical aspects of the case read my contribution to the seminar. If I hadn't written it, I'd be reading it and looking at its photographic comparisons right now.

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