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Personally, I want the BERNARD BARKER FILE opened #104-10164-10000. It was released in July 2017 as blank pages. And of course, yesterday, it was suppressed. Barker links it all back to "The Bay of Pigs" thing that Nixon was caught on tape saying, and why was Bernard Barker, the Cuban American, War Hero, CIA Agent...in the Watergate.  Barker was on the Grassy Knoll.  He showed his fake Secret Service badge to Dallas Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman and Reporter Michael Canfield confirmed it when Weitzman was shown Barker's photo.  Barker, E. Howard Hunt and Sturgis/Fiorini were part of Nixon's "Second Track" Assassination Plot to kill Castro as the Bay of Pigs Invasion was happening.  This assassination plot on Castro was turned around and done to JFK in Dallas.  Barker was in Miami/JM WAVE as a CIA Agent.  He is the link from The Bay of Pigs to Watergate... And Helms confirmed it.   

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