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Rio de Janeiro conference 1995

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I don't see much information, findings publications or research that was produced as a result of the 1995 Rio de Janeiro JFK conference. I am wondering if members have resources, links of any information that relates to that conference.


From Rio to Nassau:
A small look into Cuba's JFK records

In August 1995 the Minister of Culture invited several individuals to Rio de Janeiro to partake "in a governmental program for culture and social discussions enlargement". The Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro co-promoted the seminar "to increase the value of justice questions and to improve the knowledge and practice of 'parallel powers', a characteristic widely present in our society today". It was billed as an International JFK Seminar.

Papers were given by Wayne Smith, Cyril Wecht, Gaeton Fonzi, Gordon Winslow, John Newman, James Lesar, Fabian Escalante Font, Arturo Rodriguez, William Turner and Eric Hamburg. All presentations were structured around the agenda set by Claudia Furiati. Some of the topics covered were, The Warren Commission evidence, the CIA, Mafia, and Cuban Exile theories, Oswald's intelligence ties, the Miami-New Orleans-Dallas Triangle, Mexico City, and the plan to implicate Cuba and the USSR in the assassination of JFK.


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