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I have a new issue I am trying to sort out now. From Z's pov the sun lined up with the light post on the North side of Elm by the walkway, about frame 408. But looking at the reflection of the Sun starting around 384 the Sun appears to line up behind the limo. The reflection on the window frame behind Nellie C. makes it appear that the limo is passing almost directly under the sun around that time. That is 18 degrees off where the Sun was. The 4 degree slope of Elm can't account for all the change in the reflections position(The limo was traveling across the slope not straight down it so the front to back tilt was only 3 degrees The Sun's angle of 38 degrees also lessens the effect of the tilt because it is 52 degrees off the direction of the slope.)
Clint Hill hanging onto the back of the limo also reduced the tilt by about one degree. So the slope of Elm can't explain it and I am putting it out there for new ideas. I assume there is something that will explain this rationally. I am a CT'er but most of the evidence does not stand up to scrutiny.
 One other weird aspect is when a car passes between the sun and the observer the reflection should stay lined up below the Sun unless the reflective surface is actively changing it's angle. The reflection on Nellies window travels several degrees West when compared with the background. Clint Hill could have caused some of this as he tried to crawl aboard, but he would have to change the angle more than one degree to create the reflections movement West, but both the Nix and Z film show one degree change at the most.
Around frame 408 when the reflections should happen the only surfaces reflecting are ones that are angled back to the left like the back of the rear seat or the back of Kellerman's seat. 
 One last bit of weirdness. The lamppost in frame 405 should line up with the sun's position but the little shadow behind the very top is pointing to about 5:30. It should be right at 6:00 pointing straight to Zapruder. The fact that the lamppost is slightly off center in the frame would not cause the shadow to move to the 5:30 position. That makes for a 15 degree difference in the Sun's position and closely aligns with the limo anomaly. My main question is about the limo and what caused the reflections to appear around frame 385. 

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