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JFK RSCH: Five Coups, Assassinations or attempts.

Michael Clark

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This Research thread is a place to work on the following document from the recent, 2017-18 releases. 




There is an associated thread in the JFK Debate forum. I have Post on that forum linking to here. The point of this is so I can develop research on this subject without bumping that Debate Forum thread at every turn. Here is a link to that thread....




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23 hours ago, Michael Clark said:

I wanted to note that this document is essentially 5 documents, covering 5 events and situations: and is of added interest due to this juxtapositioning. 

P.1-5 re: Cuba

P. 6 to P.94.  covers, in detail, CIA interest in assassinating Former Congo President Lumumba.

P.95 to  109  Discusses to efforts to overthrow Trujillo.

P.110 ( The Schneider Report) Discusses efforts towards a coup in Chile.

P.142 Re: discussions about Vietnamese president Diem's Presidency

The last two pages are pages separated from the earlier section on The Congo. It states that Dulles and Bissell did, indeed, authorize the assassination of Lumumba.



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