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Credit/Debit card Donations

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I have looked into the possibility of introducing Credit/Debit card donations. It simply is a no-goer.

Unlike the Paypal system which is effectivel funds from friends for which there is no charge by Paypal for Credit cards there will be a charge of around $50.

Unlike paypal we have to sign up with a Payment gateway like Authoize.net.

Once set up there will be a charge of around 2% percent of any donation.

Inaddition there will also be a monthly service charge.

And finally there is a monthly Gateway charge. I.e. a charge for safely transferring the donation into the bank account. Even if no money is donated there will still be a monthly charge for having the gateway set-up.

Taken together it will often cost me monthly in charges than I might receive.

I am sorry, but this is not a practical solution.


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Thanks Paul. I find PayPal useful. Looking at the donations, it was very easy to  set up a Paypal system which was maily conducted within Invision. That is not the case with Credit cards.

I have a Credit/Debit card system for my business and it costs me around $50 per months in charges. I could not sustain those costs for donation contributions.


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