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Testing the Harvey and Lee hypothesis

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Has the hypothesis that there were two men named Harvey and Lee been tested?

Can progress be made on the testing?

1. One possible way is to test the DNA of the relatives of Harvey, and of Lee.

Harvey had two daughters from Marina. They or their offspring  can be tested.

Lee had brothers Robert and Pik. Their offspring can be tested.

Then compare the two results and see if they are related.

With all of the public DNA databases now, maybe the results are out there right now.

2. The leather jacket of Lee is in the National Archives. It is possible that skin cells may be on the collar or cuffs of this jacket. This can provide DNA.

3. Is there any other way to test this idea?


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John A. has talked to me and others about this for decades.  John and I are both convinced that some day this will be done, but it has to be done properly.

In one of the first research tasks I ever undertook at John’s request (back in the 1990s), he said, “Whatever you do, Jim, don’t let anyone know this is about ‘Lee Harvey Oswald.’" He added that, "Whenever people find out something is about Oswald, things get weird.”  (He wanted me to get a typography expert’s opinion about three different W-2 forms from three different employers from the 1950s, all allegedly issued to Oswald.)

And so I had to completely black out the “Lee Harvey Oswald” name on excellent copies of the forms John acquired directly at the National Archives.  John said things like, “Make sure you can’t hold the form up to the light and see what is blacked out,” and “Make sure you can’t scratch off the black ink.”

I’m sure you understand how anyone interested in defending the Warren Commission conclusions at all cost could manipulate these tests to come to their desired conclusion.  Of course, a conspiracy-lover could also rig the results.

This is a tricky issue, and I wouldn't rely on the initial test settling the question. I would hope that one test would trigger others.  

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