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$100,000 MARCELLO-to-LBJ payola?

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Good Day.... Within the following article....


....is written this paragraph:

"Johnson was backed by the Carlos Marcello gang of New Orleans, who paid the all-powerful Texas senator $100,000 per year to keep the legislative heat off their gambling and racing interests. Of course, this mob dime was small beer to Lyndon, whose career had been bankrolled by massive cash infusions (some of them legal) from the construction and military-servicing firm Brown & Root -- now more famous as the chief cash cow in the Halliburton empire. (Like the Outfit, Halliburton always plays both sides.)"

....I have no doubt that LBJ was capable of accepting such a payola, but, can anyone provide addional specific reference(s) for this $100K annual payola from MARCELLO to LBJ?

Don Roberdeau

U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, "Big John" Plank Walker

Sooner, or later, the Truth emerges Clearly





T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore



"From a moral standpoint, Johnson had no use for religion except for the political benefits that it bestowed upon him. He had no use for the sanctity of marriage except for the voting benefits it offered to him as a 'married man.' And, his desire for alcohol, just like with sex, was excessive. In short, moral rules relating to his personal conduct had no effect on stopping him from getting what he wanted."

----CRAIG ZIRBEL, summarizing LBJ's amoral characteristics that may have contributed, along with 4 on-going criminal investigations implicating LBJ, to LBJ's motivations for wanting President KENNEDY assassinated, "The Texas Connection" (pg.108)

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....I have no doubt that LBJ was capable of accepting such a payola, but, can anyone provide addional specific reference(s) for this $100K annual payola from MARCELLO to LBJ?


Sure Don:


G – And this was the country that’s supposed to be the freeest of the world .. and uh, if this had happened and this had been released, revealed, who knows what would have happened during those very tumultuous times?

There have been reports recently, a new book that claims that perhaps Lyndon Johnson was behind the assassination. Johnson’s family is outraged at that theory!... and uh, I wanted to get both of your quick take on that?

Z - Well, I can answer that…… We eh, I don’t think Jim has either, we don’t have definite information he called the shots, we don’t have definite information that he was even involved. We do think that he was part of the cover-up, but I can says this: Guidance led me in different ways, and one of these was just by luck, I talked to this big money person in Texas that I asked “Who killed JFK?” and his answer was LBJ. And I said Why? And he said: “Well we were friends with his bagman” and I won’t mention the names, but the bagman told us personally that he used to go to New Orleans, Louisiana and picked up bags of cash and bring it to LBJ, from Carlos Marcello. And I said: “Wow! Well, when was this? When he was president? Or Vice President?”

“Oh I think it was when he was President!” I asked him to be filmed, just saying that one thing. And he picks up the phone and in front of me, calls the individual’s son, the guy was dead, and the son basically confirmed it. And that …uh, George this whole thing is a big puzzle!

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I am glad we have a thread on Marcello. He was in the national crime family in the late 1950's and early 1960's. Biggest claim to fame: being flown from the states to guatamala courtesy Bob Kennedy and the Justice Department. Marcello was about at the rank of SANTO TRAFFICANTE and SAM GIANCANA in the Kennedy era Mafia family.

J. Edgar Hoover, fanatical about Communists and Civil Rights leaders left the Mafia families a wide leeway, and there is some evidence Hoover was compromised by extortionate photographic evidence available to MEYER LANSKY, CHARLES LUCIANO and the amentioned Giancana (Mooney) and Santo Trafficante. Marcello was a major candidate in most theories on Kennedy's death a few years ago, but I haven't seen much on him here on the FORUM....

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