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Introduction to the assassination

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I'll be turning 42 in February so the assassination was quite a bit before my time. I just thought I'd share how I was introduced to the assassination and the evolution of my interest throughout the years. If this post belongs in a previous thread the administrator is free to move it. The first I ever recall knowing anything about the assassination was seeing the end of the miniseries where Martin Sheen played JFK. Going back now and watching it I see it is slightly more graphic than I remember but not that graphic. Just saying it didn't leave an image burned in my mind or anything. But I felt immediately drawn to this for some reason. If I  had to guess I'd say this was around 1988. The 25th anniversary. I was in fourth grade I think, so at this point I don't think we had even learned anything in school about the assassination. I remember watching the mock trial of LHO and to me even though they concluded guilty it was apparent to me even at this age that this was not the case. I remember a special called The JFK Conspiracy or something like that I recorded on VHS that had James Earl Jones as narrator. They time tested the ability of Oswald to pull off the assassination and murder of Tippit in the required time and it didn't add up. There was another special sometime later I recorded on the same tape called The Kennedy Assassinations or something like that. This first introduced me to the RFK case and the death of Marilyn Monroe possibly being connected to the Kennedy killings as well. It was also the first time I had heard any connection between Watergate (which I was unfamiliar with I'm sure) and the assassination. I remember seeing the preview for JFK before it's release and knowing I had to see it. My mom had to tell them it was ok for me to see it since I was under 16 at the time. I was blown away! Still one of my favorite movies EVER! And in my opinion one of the most important movies ever made. I don't recall what books on the case I read first but I bought and read On The Trail Of The Assassins shortly after this. There were several I checked out and read from the library. I have always just devoured information on this subject. I own RFK Must Die. Many years later in my twenties I bought Best Evidence at a thrift store. I always loved The Men Who Killed Kennedy series. Anyway, I just thought I'd share how I fell into this particular rabbit hole that I've been in for over 30 years, lol! Would love to hear other's stories about their first taste of this subject.

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