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All- I have posted here in the past regarding my father, James Henry Dolan, and his associations with Eugene Hale Brading aka Jim Braden, Jack Ruby and so on. I am now coming to the close of a memoir project I've been working on for several years now (or, my entire life, depending on how you look at it) about growing up with my dad and my posthumous discovery of his presence in the JFK narrative. Some of you may recognize his name as taking up a fair amount of space in the 'mob did it' narrative, through his associations with organized crime heavies like Marcello, Trafficante, Alderisio, Smaldone, etc. 

at any rate, as part of this project, i made a FOIPA request to the FBI a couple years ago for my father's records, which finally showed up this week, after 2 1/2 years. what i received was a total anti-climax, as i've seen more information and depth on the Internet just by searching his name, and then by pairing his name in searches with others, like 'James Henry Dolan + Carlos Marcello'. at any rate, the disc i received covers documents generated during a three year period when Doc (my dad's nickname) in the early 70s was running a swindle crew across the south doing 3 card monte and pigeon drop cons. he was apprehended, arraigned, bonded out and then went on the lam for about 7 years before capture in 1978. he was then interviewed by the HSCA, and the lengthy bio and narrative assembled there is easily sourced on the net. 

but i have query here- i know from previous research that my dad's criminal history extends into the late 40s and doesn't end until his murder in 1984. why would the FOIPA response cover only such a narrow period? 

of course, i've asked and was only told how to file a protest. i haven't the stomach for another few years of dealing with the gummint, so i will forego that, as i have all the info i could need for my project, but was tantalized by accessing the Bureau's own files, thinking i'd find stuff not available through simple searches. does anyone here have experience with FOIPA and its operations? i'm a newbie, and somewhat mystified. 

also, there was a disclaimers and disclosures letter with the files which i think might have stated, if i interpret correctly, that the disc was only the first installment, and that there would also be OGAs (other government agencies) responding to my query which FBI had forwarded to them. but how, when, etc is not stated. 

any commentary is invited here, and thanks in advance

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