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Apollo 11 Moon Photo Hoax Evidence

Jack White

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Scoff if you wish...but NASA spent millions perfecting

ways to make faked moon photos.

Jack ;)

Using the detailed plaster models, they were even able

to depict the lunar capsule above the "moon terrain".

Jack ;)

For the scientific types on the Education Forum:

Here the fakesters made a major astronomy mistake

in showing the "earth" over the plaster models...

they made it the wrong scale, and also show TWO

different LIGHTING PHASES...an impossibility for

Apollo 11.

Jack ;)

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Here is another interesting comparison of two consecutive exposures

from Apollo 11. Aldrin is carrying two pieces of the Seismic Experiment.

Between exposures, as he takes a couple of steps, the equipment seems

to undergo a considerable transformation. Also, the two pieces were

to be carried like a dumbbell by a "carrying bar" connecting them.

The bar is not seen, and Aldrin seems to be holding each piece awkwardly

using some unseen "handle" on top.

Jack ;)

Here is a companion study showing lighting from different


Jack ;)

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