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The Assassins Are Back

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From the article: Why should we be interested in the subject, at all? Unz gives a short sharp answer. Mossad assassinated more people than all the special services of other states – more than dreadful KGB, unbridled CIA and MI6 of James Bond together. “The body-count [of Mossad] exceeded the combined total for that of all other major countries in the world.,,,,,,,

Radioactive poisoning seems to be a Mossad’s trademark)……..

Ron Unz goes into great detail into assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. Following the seminal investigation of late Michael Collins Piper, he thinks Kennedy was killed because he demanded from Israel to let inspectors into Dimona Nuclear Centre and pushed for denuclearisation of Israel. This ground had been covered by Unz previously, but now he adds a very important detail.

Robert Kennedy had been assassinated when he was very close to be elected the US President, in order to prevent his brother’s killing being investigated. A young Palestinian named Sirhan Sirhan had fired a pistol at the scene and was quickly arrested and convicted for the murder. Some researchers have long argued that he was merely a convenient patsy in the plot, perhaps acting under some form of hypnosis or conditioning. Fantasy? Ron Unz had noticed a telltale item in Bergman’s book: at the same time, another young Palestinian was undergoing intensive rounds of hypnotic conditioning at the hands of Mossad in Israel, being programmed to assassinate PLO leader Yasser Arafat.



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