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Why the focus upon JFK Assassination threads, and not upon the BIG picture?

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Some years ago a friend of mine in Norway raised a strange question about a recorded interview that I conducted in 1985 with Don Pierson of Eastland, Texas.

It wasn't about something that Don said, but something that he did not say, and then his reaction to me which prompted my friend's asking question.

I asked Don, whom I had known for some time as a friend, but who I initially contacted back in 1967 when I was living in England, a question that he did not like. He used a dramatic hand gesture to stop the tape - which I did.

He told me that if I asked that question again, or one like it, that it would kill our friendship. As it was he gifted me his legal and financial archives regarding his offshore broadcasting ventures in the Sixties which used a ship called 'Olga Patricia'.

It was my friend in Norway who kept asking me what Don was afraid of, and I kept answering that I did not know. He asked so many times that I eventually began to investigate and many years after the fact, this same friend heard from Gary Murr regarding my friend's web sites about the 'Olga Patricia'.

It seems that Gary was following a different investigation and he had then run across the 'Olga Patricia', and apparently Larry Hancock in 'Shadow Warfare' had then relied upon input from Garry to included some of this information in his book.

I had given my friend in Norway the mortgage papers for 'Olga Patricia' (and many other items of information), that initially came from the Don Pierson archives. I then discovered a lot of contemporary information relating to the 'Olga Patricia' which does not seem to be a part of Gary's research.

On top of this a senior employee of Gordon McLendon who I once met around 1979 in Texas, had written a book about another ship; Gordon McLendon and the assassination of JFK. He is now deceased, but his daughter has been sending me his original manuscripts which are different from the book. Both incorporate input from Jones Harris who I have also spoken to quite recently by phone.

Then a former BBC radio engineer advised me to buy a book called 'PsyWar on Cuba' which had been published in Australia. Its threads overlap those pursued by Gary, but for different reasons.

I have then pursued all of these threads as part of a larger agenda that I outlined on this Forum a few days ago.

What a pity it is that everyone is not working together in common cause to test and try all submitted evidence, discarding that which is obviously unfounded speculation and thus creating a proven account of what happened on November 22, 1963. Instead, it seems that individuals are constantly going around and around in circles over the same material.

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Now I know that we are all working at cross-purposes, if our intention is to discover what happened and conclusively prove what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Aside from repetitive threads (lol), there is no attempt to create a court room style accepted evidence timeline established by strict proof. Instead there seems to be a lot of speculation. If the parties interested in proving what is factual and what is fiction could ever agree on an agenda, progress towards enlightenment might be the result instead of more and more books and conferences to sell more and more books ....

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2 minutes ago, Paul Brancato said:

Mervyn - would you outline what you think happened, and why you think McLendon’s activities in particular are germane? 

 I honestly don't know.

As for my interest, it has come in via the 'back door' following a series of McLendon threads.

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