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Oswald and JFK UNSOLVED CASES — Part 1: The Pawn - NHK WORLD PRIME

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I watched these two documentaries a couple days ago already, and I am still thinking them over, and playing some bits again.

While the basic premise of the CIA rogue case officers plotting to kill the President and using Lee Oswald as a scapegoat appears sound and very likely to be true, there are also some missing links and maybe even inaccuracies.

One point not made clear is how did Lee Oswald come to the decision to assassinate General Walker and what was De Mohrenschildt's role in this decision.  How could he know about Lee's shooting at General Walker if Lee appeared to be taken by surprise by the alleged de Mohrenschildt's question "Lee, why did you miss?" 

Speaking of inaccuracies, it seems that Lee Oswald was seen by Buell Frazier leaving the Depository not via the main entrance but from the loading dock area accessible from the back of the first floor; the documentary shows Lee exiting the main entrance.

Also, Lee Oswald is shown walking on a busy street with a paper bag (possibly holding the rifle), however, this does not seem to be the true picture of events.

Interestingly, the name of James Angleton was not mentioned in any of the two parts which did surprise me knowing that Jeff Morley has provided his knowledge for this two-part documentary.

It is also not clear or explained how were the rogue CIA agents able to steer the whole investigation and the autopsy.

From the perspective of my research, I appreciated that the documentary shows FBI agent Hosty's handwritten note clearly documenting the fact that Lee Oswald went from the first floor to watch "P. parade", and also Carolyn Arnold's statement about catching a fleeting glimpse of Lee Oswald in the first floor hallway at 12:25 (this time is hard to verify). That would be consistent with the possibility that Lee Oswald briefly went out and was captured in the Wiegman and Darnell films. 

The documentary assumes that Lee Oswald realised his framing after he left the building and was attempting to join the getaway car on a side road off Elm street and the car was not there. The only role for Lee Oswald in the whole plot was to build his pro-Castro credentials (e.g., summer 1963) and bring his rifle to the Depository building. It is not clear what was Lee Oswald told (possibly that there would be a mock assassination attempt which would be sufficient to enrage the public but not harming the President), however, it would be unjust to solicit explanations where hardly any hard data can be found. I assume that Lee did not know about the intention of the plotters to kill the President and realised his framing once he heard that the President had been shot; this information reached the Depository doorway within some 20-25 seconds after the last shot when Gloria Calvery got to the doorway steps. The point is that, if Lee Oswald stood in the doorway in the Darnell film, he would realise that his role and his situation changed dramatically if the mock assassination attempt changed to proper killing of the President.

That said, the two-part video is a serious and well-elaborated view of the assassination plot. I am sure it will be appreciated a lot in the part of the JFKA community which believes that there was a plot to assassinate the President.









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