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The Wheel Man: Driving Mr. Oswald (with Buell Wesley Frazier). A podcast interview.

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Here is a link to a new interview with Buell Wesley Frazier on "Since We're On The Subject", recorded on November 22, 2020. The interview also includes Rob Frazier, Buell Wesley Frazier's son, who added useful information about the upcoming book "Steering Truth". The book was scheduled for publication about now, however, the publication date has been delayed due to the pandemic. The topic of JFK assassination starts at 11:44.




11:44 The topic of JFK is first mentioned.

13:20 Buell Wesley Frazier is first mentioned.

18:20 The interview starts. Blake Price and Mike Anderson leading the interview.

19:20 Memories of November 22, 1963 discussed.

20:20 About how Frazier joined the TSBD.

21:41 Lee Oswald starts working in the Texas School Depository.

22:02 About driving Lee Oswald to work and teaching Lee the order filler job.

27:09 Thursday, 21st of November.

28:27 When did Buell Wesley Frazier learned about the motorcade route.

32:40 Buell Wesley Frazier asked about whether he had any questions he would like to know now. Mr. Frazier wondered why Lee did not carry lunch to work on the 21st of November.

34:20 About his 7 hours questioning with the Dallas Police.

39:08 About the content of the package. 

40:28 About his testimony for the Warren Commission. 

43:02 Warren Commission wanted him to change his estimate of the package size.

45:10 Commissioner Ball read questions from the script.

46:17 More about his questioning by the Dallas Police, and the incident with Captain Fritz. Frazier was "fighting for life".

51:00 Buell Frazier did not know the name "Oswald", he knew Lee Oswald by his first name only. Therefore, he could not associate Lee Oswald with the broadcasts about capturing alleged assassin on Friday afternoon.

53: ~   Rob Frazier joins the interview and gives data on the new book "Steering Truth".

61:11 About his further work at TSBD, and about being drafted by the US army.

64:44 About how his association with Lee Oswald ruined several jobs later on.

68:06 Never met Robert Oswald, however, was friendly with Billy Lovelady.

71:20 Asked about his view of whether Lee Oswald was the assassin. 








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I'm responding to this one because I have seen very little (or have not found it yet... sorry if that's the case) on the information in WF's book. Esp. about him seeing LHO outside the building, and him saying he was scared (I bet he wasn't the only one that was scared and/or intimidated).    

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