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It's amazing to think that some lone nutters refuse to even accept the possibility that there was a conspiracy and/or coverup. I'm not talking about schills who push the ln agenda but either don't believe it or flat out know that wasn't the case. They just push that agenda because they are told to or for career advancement or whatever. I'm talking about people who truly believe Oswald acted alone. Intelligent people too. Not just sheep who follow the herd. Just based soley on connections you HAVE to see that it is at the very least VERY fishy! Lyndon Johnson, who arguably had the most to gain from the assassination, was from Texas. Becoming President he had the ability to control the investigation, appointing handpicked Warren Comission members which included Allen Dulles, a man who Kennedy had fired. Talk about the fox being in charge of investigating what took place in the hen house! Another guy fired by JFK was General Charles Cabell, whose brother Earl was the mayor of Dallas at the time. The building Oswald worked in being owned by DH Byrd, who was a founder of the Civil Air Patrol which Oswald and Ferrie were once members of. Byrd and LBJ were familiar with each other. There's the memo from Hoover about agent George Bush and the anti Castro Cuban community. GHWB also being an acquaintance of George Demorndshilt or ever how you spell it, lol, who was chummy with Oswald. He had GHWB's name in his address book under his nickname Poppy (as he was known by close friends and family). What about Prescott Bush? Have ya'll seen the picture of Prescott Bush, Richard Nixon and Jack Ruby? We all know Nixon was at least familiar with Ruby since Ruby was an informant for Nixon in California back in the late forties. Nixon, the man Kennedy had beaten in the last election. Had the election stolen from him. The man who planned the Bay Of Pigs operation and worked with mafia figures on plans to assassinate Castro. Some of the same people he worked with on the Castro and Cuban thing ended up being the same people arrested for the Watergate burglary. Hunt, Liddy, Sturgis amongst others. I could go on and on all day long but how do these ln'ers explain how all of these people connected controlled the city where JFK was shot, the building from which he was shot, the guy who was blamed for it, the guy who killed the accused assassin, and the investigation into it? All this being coincidental is beyond reason. And how people connected with the assassination were rewarded for helping in the coverup. LBJ of course became President immediately. He put Connally on his staff for taking one for the team and perhaps trying to buy his silence. Nixon of course took over from LBJ and when Agnew was forced out he made Ford his VP. Former Warren Comission member Gerald Ford who was known as the FBI's best friend on the Comission. The man who performed verbal surgery on the late President by moving the shallow back wound up to the neck and having it exit allowing the single bullet theory to even have a chance to be swallowed by the American people. Wasn't it under Ford when GHWB was made director of the CIA? And he too later became President. But I'm sure all of this is just sheer coincidence. Lol!

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