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Jesse Curry's personal file on the JFK assassination

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Scott Reid wrote on Facebook today:

I had another look at Jesse Curry's personal file on the JFK assassination recently and found what I thought were some interesting insights and perspectives from him. They cast doubt on the Warren Commission findings. Here are a few from Curry's book:
The Dallas Police Department wanted to have 'four motorcycles on either side of the motorcade immediately to the rear of the President's vehicle.' Secret Service Agent Lawson 'felt that eight motorcycles around the President's vehicle were too many' and that only 'two motorcycles on either side would be sufficient.'. (page 16)
The Trade Mart was considered to be 'an especially large headache for security officers' and where 'the security problems would really begin.'. (page 13)
'Almost 200 officers were involved in the security arrangements in and around the Trade Mart, where the President never arrived.'. (page 23)
For the near 10 mile parade route 'the detail was one hundred sixty-eight men.'. (page 23)
'At the turn from Houston to Elm the parade was considered to be over.'. (page 13)
'Security was comparatively light along the short stretch of Elm Street where the President was shot.'. (page 21)
'At the time of the assassination a large number of officers were at the Trade Mart' and therefore unable to assist in the immediate aftermath. (page 17)
'Dr Perry examined the throat wound and assessed it as the entrance wound. He was no amateur at assessing wounds.'. (page 34)
Referring to the Zapruder film, 'By frame 230 Kennedy had hunched forward with both hands at his throat..... Kennedy was then profoundly affected by the first shot, but Governor Connally was still clutching his hat in the air completely unaffected by the shot.'. (page 102)
'A paraffin test taken of the right side of Oswald's face did not reveal any nitrates from having fired a rifle, thus offering no proof that Oswald had recently fired a rifle.'. (page 86)
'The security plans for the basement were entirely adequate' in the area Oswald was shot by Ruby. (page 126)
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he says in his book " The physical evidence and eyewitness accounts do not clearly indicate what took place on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository at the time President John F. Kennedy was assassinated... The testimony of the people who watched the motorcade was much more confusing than either the press or the Warren Commission seemed to indicate....

Arnold Rowland had looked up to the Book Depository window and noticed two men standing together in the window....No statement about the second man or mention of an accomplice appeared in the FBI report.

 In a 1969 interview for the Dallas Morning News around the time of publication, Curry stated, "We don't have any proof that Oswald fired the rifle, and never did. Nobody's yet been able to put him in that building with a gun in his hand." [ Tom Johnson, Dallas Morning News, 6 Nov 1969. ]


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