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Lee Harvey, Lee Henry, Lee Harold?

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Ok, so when that time of year rolls around and they do those As It Happened marathons about how news of the assassination unfolded, I always remembered thinking it was strange that initially reporters (or maybe it was just one reporter) kept saying Lee Harold Oswald if I remember correctly. Most people just say it's an honest mistake. Reporters generally do tons of research, or have access to their news department who do that exhaustive research for them. I'm just saying, if it was just a slip of the tongue you'd think by his next report he'd get a call telling him it was Lee Harvey, not Lee Harold. So, anyway, I was just watching that Killing Oswald documentary and they were playing a tape of David Atlee Phillips (Mr. Bishop himself, lol!) and he was talking about the supposed phone call to the Russian embassy in Mexico City by Lee and he says clear as day that the man introduced himself as Lee Henry Oswald. I'm just curious what everyone here makes of the confusion or deception involving his middle name. And for those who subscribe to the Harvey And Lee theory, I wonder if the real Lee Oswald, the redneck Texan who was born in New Orleans had the middle name Harold or Henry. It would be a much more common name in America than Harvey I think. Especially in the South. And the other Oswald, Harvey took his given name of Harvey as the H in the middle name. And of course, combining their records it became one Lee Harvey Oswald. Thoughts?

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