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Technology in Storyland!

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I liked this one:

If you think technology has changed the work world, just take a look at

what's happening in storyland.

- Little Bo Peep never loses sheep because of their embedded silicon

identity chips.

- Cinderella searches for her prince on Match.com - and leases her

pumpkin-coloured Range Rover at Avis.com.

- Hansel and Gretel use the GPS rather than breadcrumbs but have reported

problems stuffing the wicked witch into her microwave oven.

- To avoid travel stress, Alice now plans her Wonderland vacation with


- A reformed Ebenezer Scrooge sends Bob Cratchett to update his

certification for Excel and Quicken.

- Jack's making a fortune on his beanstalk bioengineering break- through.

- Old McDonald uses voice recognition to make ordering easy at his

agricultural auction site eieio.com.

- Romeo and Juliet avoid tragic problems by keeping in touch through their

cell phones.

- With her early Web capabilities, Charlotte is now a motivational speaker

at tech conferences around the world.

- The Pied Piper switched career fields after his tunes were boot- legged on


- King Arthur has replaced that expensive round table with satellite


- Jack and Jill order their Evian on www.tesco.com

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