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Lab in a Lorry

Nick Falk

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"The Lab in a Lorry is an interactive mobile physics laboratory staffed by volunteer practising physicists and engineers. Young people do experimental physics in the way it actually happens, while experienced scientists provide guidance when experiments fly off into new arenas. Lab in a Lorry is rolling out in your community because the Institute of Physics and the Schlumberger Foundation have partnered to launch the programme."

An Institute of Physics/Schlumberger project.

The key asset of the Lorry is that it attracts busy physicists and engineers to share their excitement and knowledge with others. It aims to make physics and scientific careers more attractive. The Lorry itself is a metaphor for the freewheeling and unconstrained thought that characterizes scientific creativity. Its vision is to share this approach with others.

This sound great - can it contribute to the continued success of physics in schools

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