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Lenny Patrick

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Some time back Bob Vernon had named to me that even while Lenny Patrick is in prison he keeps an eye on what James Files does.

That Lenny had sent him some clippings from the newspaper that he had seen just to make a point of it.

While watching the film "Ruby" Conspiracy tapes and one just released. They had mentioned Lenny Patrick's name and it right away got my attention.

The fact that Lenny Patrick was to believed to have kicked Jack Ruby out of Chicago.

While Ruby had been in Chicago later on and not just in the early 30's. He was in much later on and for a short period of time. Files wrote to me and told me about that.

Does anyone have a picture of Lenny Patrick?

Anyone wish to add more information about Lenny Patrick?

They know for a fact that Ruby was with Mafia connections.

Also Files is the same and with the same group.

Is Lenny Patrick still alive?

Also I had wondered for some time is Lenny Patrick in the same prison as Files and this is vague from my memory that they didn't place them both in the same prison.

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Does anyone have a picture of Lenny Patrick? (Nancy Eldreth)

Here you go, Nancy. I don't know if Patrick is still alive or not but if he is, he would be 92.


Is it just me, that could think like this?

Doesn't he sort of resemble Jack Ruby to some degree?

Maybe, it is just me thinking this.

Well, enough to almost get away with it.

Was Lenny Patrick thought to be down in Dallas Texas on 11/22/63?

I do know what Jack Ruby looks like but there is sort of a look alike between these two guys, at least in my own opinion.

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