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Baron Constantin (von) Maydell : 1942 - 1946


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In many respects - confluence of interests, interlocking boards of directors - much of our power elite were in league with Germany before the war. Afterwards as you say we enlisted them in the anti - Communist cause. It was a lot more than scientists. It was industrialists, anti-Bolshevik activists, etc. Very few served time, and even when they did it was minimal. A big deal was made out of the capture and execution of Eichmann by Israel many years later, and Barbie was eventually ‘caught’. I put that in quotes because he was also protected. Many of Eichmann’s crew were never caught. Skorzeny was well known by us, and became an asset after his Army interrogators determined that he wasn’t a N-A-Z-I, just a patriot. With Gehlen the line blurs between our National Security Establishment and Germany. Most Jews took their eyes off the ball after Eichmann. His execution was almost like a ‘limited hangout’ even if that wasn’t the intent. Congress, somewhere in the 1990’s, released a mammoth report on the N-A-Z-I question, along with thousands of previously unreleased documents. No one noticed, not even my many Jewish friends. I spent some time perusing this Congressional report online, but it would take a lifetime. 
I really think Skorzeny is worth digging into. There are folks in Spain still doing this, and Coup In Dallas is in part about Skorzeny, specifically his Dallas business connections, as well as Madrid and Ireland, where he eventually moved. The online presence of conspiracy theories about Otto and George Bush, which you will no doubt run into if you haven’t already, is a ‘tell’. In my opinion it’s meant to obscure truth, not reveal it. 

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On 10/9/2022 at 4:42 PM, Jean Paul Ceulemans said:

The Three Barons, James W Lateer  : "Returning to New York City from a temporary stay in Venezuela, GDM learned that his friend Baron Konstantin Maydell had been released from Ellis Island Prison by a Federal Judge after serving only four years."

In Game of the Foxes, Laslo Farago described Baron Konstantine Van Maydell as "the top Abwehr agent in the United States in 1940." Baron Konstantine Von  Maydell was arrested on a Presidential warrant as a dangerous alien in September  1942, tried for espionage in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York,  and interred for four years in North Dakota. The proceedings were either closed, or the Court records have disappeared. He was released in 1946.


Some excerpts relating to the above

1) "Assistant United States Attorney Stuart Z. Krinsly of the Southern District of New York advised S.A. Stanley Ross in October 1944, that "the government had contemplated using George DeMohrenschildt as a witness for the Government in the habeas corpus proceedings involving Baron Konstantine Van Maydell who had been interned as a dangerous enemy alien, but at the time of the trial the government decided not to use George DeMohrenschildt as a witness." [WCD 533 p27].   

2) Edward Epstein reported Baron Konstantine Van Maydell was subsequently "sent to Russia, never to be heard from again." [Farago, Game of the Foxes Simon and Shuster p685 f.n.; WCD 533] 

3) the next is promising, from ACT OF RETRIBUTION: The Military-Industrial-Intelligence Establishment And The Conspiracy To Assassinate President John F. Kennedy  I do not yet have this book, so who has this one  and can check the reference please ?  Footnote or reference s/b/ nr. 15,  hoping there is some hard reference...  I'm seriously beginning to doubt if there is anything left at all



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On 10/8/2022 at 11:40 PM, Jean Paul Ceulemans said:

E.g. like the connection (if any, of course) between :

"Baron Lilienfeld-Tall" (usher at Dimi's wedding)


"George Otto Helmut Victor de Lilienfeld" (who knew Allen Dulles)

There quite a number of these possible connections


I have found an important connection between the von Mohrenschildt, the von Maydell and Lilienfeld 

Generation 1 is  Berend Otto Johann von Maydell, born  in 1793, died in 1870. He married Leontine Ernestine Ulrike von Mohrenschildt, born  in 1812, died  1890. 
Generation 2 son of previous was  Berend Friedrich Gottlieb von Maydell, born 1841, died in 1908. He married Anna Charlotta von Helffreich
Generation 3 son of previous was Joseph von Maydell, Baron von Maydell, born 1870, died Estland, 1910.  He married on may 6, 1895 to  Mary von Lilienfeld

I still have to work on this Mary von Lilienfeld's family tree, but I'm pretty sure* there a connection to the Lilienfeld who knew Allen Dulles and the Lilienfeld that was Usher at Dimitri von Mohrenschildts wedding.   

As a matter of fact I think the above von Lilienfeld could be the mother of our convicted spy von Maydell...   

*it's a rather small family, much like von Mohrenschildt and Maydell, all originating from the Baltic Estonia

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Konstantin Maydell keeps raisings questions, he is listed on 2 different lists of entries in to the USA

Anyway, we have in 1938 at age 41, as a hotel-keeper born Estonia and in 1939 at age 43, as a manufacturer born Estonia

Was he in 1938 denied acces ? 

In the Immigration files for now I see only one Dec. 16, 1939 N.Y., birth date 10/9/1897 Estonia,  father Joseph von Maydell  mother Mary LILIENFELD this is the one whose great-grandparents were Berend O.J. von Maydell and Leontine von Möhrenschildt)  Registration number 5163861.  Naturalization (req ?) 502339.   This is the one we need. 

PS : especially in the late 1930's we see them dropping the pre-fix "VON" as they did not want to sound like Germans, same reason George changed "VON" into "DE" (DE is simply the French equivalent, in Dutch it would have been VAN)

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On Maydell's conviction....   I'm beginning to feel it has been blown out of proportion.

A couple of months before his conviction, 6 out of the 8 spies in Operation Pastorius had gotten the electric chair. Of course Pastorius was a closed case and involved sabotage, etc 

But there probably was little proof against Maydell to be only convicted to 4 or 6 years,  out of precaution or something 

And it explains why they did not want George de M. as a witness as he was too favorable for Maydell (WCD 533 p27) 




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Going to pick-up this topic where I left it.

Doing some more research on Maydell and where the heck he went to....

In between, an interesting note on Dimitri VM, confirmation of him being an actual CIA informant since 1950.

We had him connected to Dulles (correspondance as it seems) going back to 1953, this adds a few more years and fixes the relation. 



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