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New film on American Scientist Who Smuggled Nuclear Secrets to the Soviets After World War II

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From the above article: 

They exploded a test bomb on August 29, 1949, between two and five years earlier than otherwise expected by U.S. experts. According to the film, Truman was then forced to cancel his plans to pre-emptively invade Russia because retaliation by the Soviets would be likely.

(A similar dilemma was faced by President John F. Kennedy during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis when Wall Street capitalists, the Pentagon and the CIA, which was created under Truman in 1947, saw a chance to annihilate Soviet peoples in several areas. The U.S. had sought to destroy the Soviet Union ever since the Wilson administration invaded Russia following the 1918 Bolsehvik revolution. When Kennedy chose another path, a naval blockade of Cuba, it worked. The missiles were withdrawn. Yet Kennedy had also signed his death warrant).

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Fascinating. Great read, Douglas. Thanks for posting. 

This film was co-produced by my old friend and colleague Dave Lindorff (we were co-editors at This Can’t Be Happening a decade ago). It’s based in part on an excellent article he wrote for The Nation earlier this year after obtaining FOIA documents on the Hall brothers. Helluva story! 

Read it here at The Nation

What was Truman smoking, one wonders? A pre-emptive invasion of the USSR, without provocation, would have been a disaster — with or without nuclear weapons. 

Whatever Truman was smoking, he must have left some in the presidential desk drawer for Biden! 😆 

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Truman’s plans to invade Russia after the war was really just a continuation of Churchill’s cockamamie “Operation Unthinkable,” which was abandoned after Winston’s electoral defeat in 1945 — but the Americans did try to resurrect it a few years later. 

FDR: “over my dead body!”
Churchill: “okay, mate.” 😉 
FDR: (dies) 💀 
Churchill: “Hello, Harry! Can I play with your new nuclear toys?” ☢️


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While we are on the topic of Cold War spy shenanigans, this seems a relevant time to share a couple of interesting takes on the mysterious death of Stalin — a topic historians in Russia still debate as hotly as Americans debate JFK. 

This documentary by RT on the Stalin Murder conspiracy looks at it from a modern Russian perspective, and is quite superb. So much new information revealed here that was kept behind the Iron Curtain for decades! 

We also get an exclusive look inside the Dacha where Stalin died, carefully preserved as it looked in 1953. (Boy, imagine the ghosts in this place.) 

Compare what we know now about Stalin’s death to what we were told during the Cold War. (See video below 👇🏽)

Kennedy no doubt watched this prime time hourlong special NBC White Paper on the 10 year anniversary of Stalin’s death in 1963, which explores the mystery. Wonder what Jack thought of it… 


As you guys know I’m no fan of NBC or their White Paper on Jim Garrison, but credit where it’s due, this episode on Stalin’s death is a work of cinematic art (even if much of the content is Cold War bullshit). The cinematography alone makes it worth watching. 

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