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Uncut Oral History Programs Now Available At Sixth Floor Museum Website

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I just happened to notice today that The Sixth Floor Museum's website has recently added many full-length interviews from their extensive Oral History Collection. In past years, only limited excerpts from those interviews had been made available on the Sixth Floor site.

One of those full-length programs is linked below. It's the complete four-hour video version of the June 2002 Oral History interview featuring assassination eyewitness Buell Wesley Frazier. My previous version of this interview is in audio form only and contains just half of the complete program. So this represents a nice upgrade.

My thanks go out to The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza for making available this entire interview (plus many others) on their public website.

Whether or not the current collection of complete and uncut Oral History programs will remain on The Sixth Floor website in the future, I cannot say. But as of this date (January 8, 2023), the uncut programs are indeed available to view, free of charge.

Here's the uncut Buell Frazier interview from 2002 (click on the two "film strip" icons; it's a 2-parter):



Complete Online Oral History Collection:



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Thanks for posting, David, and thanks to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza for making them available. There is some fascinating historical material in these interviews.





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Ambulance driver Aubrey Rike recorded this Oral History interview at the Sixth Floor Museum in September 2001, and he said several interesting things in that interview that I had not heard before. Such as:

Aubrey said he actually talked to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy at Parkland Hospital on 11/22/63 while Jackie was sitting alone outside of Trauma Room One.

And Aubrey also said he gave Jackie a damp cloth so she could wipe off some of the blood from her clothing. So Jackie did wipe off a lot of the blood with the wet cloth supplied to her by Mr. Aubrey Rike. She then gave the bloody cloth back to Rike.

I thought that information was very interesting.

Another interesting segment of Mr. Rike's interview is the part when Mrs. Kennedy asked Aubrey for a cigarette, which Rike did give to her. But before Jackie was able to take the cigarette from Rike's hand, a Secret Service agent intervened and snatched the package of cigarettes away from Rike, scattering them all over the floor. The SS agent then took one of the remaining cigarettes from the package, inspected it closely, and gave it to Mrs. Kennedy.

I wonder if that agent was Clint Hill?

And in yet another rarely-heard tidbit, Mr. Rike tells about how he applied some lubricant to President Kennedy's finger so that Jackie Kennedy could more easily get her wedding ring to slide onto JFK's finger.

Two more interviews featuring Aubrey Rike are below:


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