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Dan Lyndon

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I am not sure if this is appropriate in this context or section of the forum, but I am applying for a post as an Assistant Headteacher (Senior Teacher with whole school responsibilities) and wondered if colleagues could provide guidance (and maybe comment) about what they consider to be the key issues in Secondary education today, ie what should I prep for if I have an interview! Whilst I appreciate that this may be limited to the British education system, I am sure we would all be interested in hearing from our colleagues overseas.

I would hazard the following as a start:

Teaching and Learning in Key Stage 3 (11-14) - in particular the development of 'thinking skills' and creating independent learners (the KS3 Strategy)

The development of the 14-19 curriculum and the move towards integrating the vocational and 'academic' areas

Assessment for Learning - using data to inform daily lesson planning (short term) and Schemes of Work (medium term)

Ensuring continuity and progression from Primary to Secondary school

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Good luck with the interview Dan.

I am sure you will be aware that the Blairite concept of "leadership" is very much in vogue in education over earlier models of "administration" and "management". You may well be asked what constitutes a good leader. My response would probably be along the lines of "masterful inactivity" but I would advise a response which is more orthodox :rolleyes:

Assistant heads tend to be given lots of the specific tasks once the preserve of better paid deputy heads so you will need to flag up whatever is in the job description - reports, timetable, national strategies -whatever it is be convincing and original on it.

Good Luck :D

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