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JFK Records Act lawsuit — can we collect a list of egregious failures to comply?

Leslie Sharp

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As a companion piece to Paul Brancato's new thread titled Mary Ferrell Lawsuit - can we get media coverage?

I've  launched this thread to solicit incidents of NARA's failure to comply with the JFK Records Act.

If anyone has a significant outstanding FOIA, either pending or denied, they suspect might relate to the last batch of withheld files, we are asking you to provide enough details of your FOIA to add to this list that will be turned over for consideration of inclusion in the final brief filed by Larry Schnapf and the legal team suing the Biden administration.

I plan to add details of the FOIAs for Jean Rene Marie Souetre and the missing Dallas INS report(s) once I've received confirmation of the history behind J. Gary Shaw's lawsuit in pursuit of same (hopefully by Mar 23).

I hope readers/members will give this invitation some thought in the very near future, and add to the list as appropriate. It's my understanding that the final brief is due April 27.


I. Denied FOIA — files pertaining to Jean Rene Marie Souetre.

II. Denied FOIA — files pertaining to Dallas office of the INS report(s) for November 22-26, 1963











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