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On Nov. 23, Unidentified Reporter Asks Curry if LHO Shot at General Walker

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A little after 6:00 mark, an unidentified reporter asks DPD Chief Curry if if there is any connection between the JFKA and the "firing at General Walker." 

Curry replies, "I do not know." 

The above hallway interview happened on Nov. 23. One day after the JFKA. 

Evidently, almost immediately after the JFKA, LHO became a suspect in the Walker (missed) shooting. Planted questions? Who knows at this late date? 

By Nov. 29, Chief Curry was trying to have confirmed by the FBI that JFK had been shot with "steel jacketed" bullets. 

A "steel jacketed" bullet was recovered from the Walker home on April 10, 1963, the night he was shot at, according to the official written reports of two DPD patrolmen and two detectives, all of whom handled and inscribed the Walker Bullet, according to official records. 

Curiously, CE573, the Warren Commission's version of Walker Bullet...is obviously copper-jacketed. 

Lots more on this, in pending KennedysandKing story. 


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