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Morley Again Highlights RFK Jr., the JFKA, CIA

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The Latest From JFK Facts--

I want RFK Jr. to be president as he will open up the JFK Records, and I suspect he will conduct a fair review of the security state, which has grown like topsy since 1963, and especially since 9/11. It is worrisome that elements of security state are ever more aggressively intruding into domestic politics and media.

The putative M$M case against RFK Jr. seems to boil down to his Ukraine and vaccine positions. I am sure more feculent invective will be developed if RFK Jr. emerges as a viable candidate, which he appears to be on the cusp of doing. 

See below---the anti-RFK Jr. post begins by stating RFK Jr. has a "delusional ego."  Actually, can we name a recent US president to which that term did not apply? Maybe Jimmy Carter.  Possibly Obama, although even Obama thought his 30,000 troop surge would turn the tide in the Afghan war. That was a delusion, and delusional assessment of one's own analytical skills. 

Anyway, see below, from Morley. 


The Case For and Against RFK Jr. 

Two writers on one controversial candidate

MAY 31
  RFK Jr. at home  
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at his home in Los Angeles. (Philip Cheung for The Free Press)

Peter Voskamp of JFK Facts has covered Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s message about the assassination of JFK, here and here and here. Personally, I think his views about his uncle’s murder are well-informed, courageous, and key to his appeal. But what about the rest of his platform? What would RFK Jr. do as president (besides declassify the rest of the JFK files)?

Two good Substack writers have weighed in. Peter Savodnik, an astringent cultural critic at Free Press, is an admirer. Joe Cirincione, a longtime nuclear disarmament advocate, is not. The JFK story is not central to their arguments. Savodnik mentions without comment RFK Jr.’s conviction that the CIA was involved in JFK’s murder, a belief I suspect Savodnik finds wrongheaded but not disqualifying. Cirincione does not mention JFK at all.

In presenting this debate, we seek to clarify the issues and our own thinking, not to endorse or oppose. JFK Facts is a journalistic operation, not a partisan apparatus. Our readers, I’m happy to report, range from the libertarian and MAGA right to the anti-imperialist and socialist left with plenty of good government liberals and constitutional conservatives in between. This site focuses not on what divides us (which is plenty) but what unites us: the belief that the government’s theory of JFK’s murder is empirically impossible and that JFK was most likely killed by enemies who had the ability to lay the blame on others. Our message for all candidates running in 2024: American history requires a more factual and honest explanation of November 22.

Meanwhile, what does RFK Jr.’s candidacy mean for voters? What kind of choice does he represent?

Savodnik: Pro

https%3A%2F%2Fbucketeer-e05bbc84-baa3-437e-9518-adb32be77984.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F9cb7f208-a15c-46a8-a040-7e7a2150def9_1280x1280.pngThe Free Press
The last time an American president faced a serious primary challenge, the Soviet Union still existed, Roseanne was the No. 1 sitcom in the country, and Mark Zuckerberg was seven years old. That was December 1991, when right-wing populist Pat Buchanan…
7 hours ago · 320 likes · 257 comments · Peter Savodnik

Read the full piece here.

Cirincione: Con

https%3A%2F%2Fsubstack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F19ff3f7c-88e8-4734-8a05-f116315e2d4c_1280x1280.pngStrategy & History
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the Connor Roy of American politics. Connor is the eldest son of the fictional billionaire and media magnate, Logan Roy, in the superb HBO series, Succession. Like Connor, RFK Jr. is running for president of the United States based on a delusional ego, a famous father and a family fortune. Like Connor, he has no chance of actual…
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