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We're All MAGAs Now?

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      I'm starting a new "political discussion" thread dedicated to Benjamin Cole's latest notion that, "We're all MAGAs now."

      Ben's concept is based on his well-known indignation that Biden, like Donald Trump, has refused to release all of the JFK records.

      It's correlated with RFK, Jr.'s refusal to criticize Donald Trump's crimes, in the interest of national unity.


We're All MAGAs Now...  🙄


Accused Jan. 6 rioter caught lurking around Obama's house had an arsenal at the ready

Online Sleuths Identify Second Jan. 6 Rioter Seen Battling DC Cop Who Died  By Suicide | HuffPost Latest News

(Salon) Taylor Taranto, the 37-year-old accused Jan. 6 rioter apprehended near the home of former President Barack Obama on Thursday, had several weapons and a slew of ammunition with him, according to recent updates.

Per a report given by federal authorities on Friday, Obama's would-be attacker "had two guns and 400 rounds of ammunition in his van when he was arrested," as well as a machete.

According to NBC News, "Taranto's van has been parked near the D.C. jail in recent weeks and he has appeared at protests in support of other Jan. 6 defendants . . . Noting that he lived in the van, a federal prosecutor said Taranto had 'nowhere to go.'"

In a statement from a federal prosecutor, Taranto, a known Trump supporter, "has been in Washington to take House Speaker Kevin McCarthy up on his offer of letting Jan. 6 defendants review security footage of the Capitol riot relevant to their cases. 




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We're All MAGAs Now (cont.) 🙄

Midland man arrested for allegedly hitting Capitol officer with flagpole during January 6 riots

Jeremy Rodgers

Midland man arrested for allegedly hitting Capitol officer during January 6 riot (wxyz.com)

July 1, 2023

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We're all MAGAs now...  🙄


And we need to support the continued reactionary rulings of the Trump/Koch/GOP SCOTUS going forward!

Progress in rolling back progressive legislation has been made by the MAGA Trump cult!

The Trump SCOTUS has overturned Roe v. Wade, affirmative action, and Biden's debt relief order for working class students.

They have also ruled that businesses can discriminate against gay and lesbian citizens.

Previously, the Koch/GOP SCOTUS ruled that billionaires can buy U.S. elections, (Citizens United) and they also ruled that Republicans can suppress the black vote in the Deep MAGA South (Shelby v. Holder.)

But there are more civil rights and progressive laws that need to be rolled back!

Support Ben Cole and our Trump  MAGAs!!!!

Because Biden, like Trump, has refused to release the JFK records!!

Not to mention Hunter Biden's laptop!!




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We're all MAGAs now... 🙄


RFK Jr. says Trump ‘probably the most successful debater’ since Lincoln | The Hill


This one floored me.

I watched all of Donald Trump's Presidential debates with Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, and I thought Trump came across like a feces-flinging baboon.

Perhaps I wasn't picking up on Trump's primal, hominid appeal to his Caucasian MAGA tribe.

Nor was the consensus at the time favorable for Trump-- who later lost the popular vote by 2% to Hillary, and by a wider margin to Biden.

To compare Trump's debate performance to Abraham Lincoln's is, frankly, bizarre.


"A house divided against itself cannot stand"

Critical Race Theory: The hard truth about Abraham Lincoln | Columnists |  insightnews.com



"No Markers will be allowed in our cunny"

US elections: It's the system, stupid | Hillary Clinton | Al Jazeera

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