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Jim Root

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Taken from "The Sword and the Pen" by John M. Taylor (son of Maxwell)

"By 1949 the Allies were in the process of returning West Germany to self-government. Even as the Soviets were ending the Berlin blockade, Germany's new political parties elected seventy-four-year-old Konrad Adenauer Chancellor and established a new capital at Bonn. Clay (General Lucius) retired as military governor for the United States and was replaced by a high commissioner, financier John J. McCloy, with offices in Frankfurt. McCloy wanted a commandant for the American sector of Berlin who could handle both political and military responsibilities. The Pentagon was at least as powerful a voice as the State Department in matters relating to occupation policy..... (General Maxwell) Taylor, who had come to know McCloy slightly at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City, was at the top of the list. Once in Berlin, he would "wear two hats." As U.S. Commander, Berlin (USCOB), he would report in strictly military matters to General Thomas Handy in Heidelberg, in political matters, he was responsible to McCloy in Framlfirt."

What Maxwell Taylor's son leaves out is that the two had also worked together in negotiating the surrender of Italy and the set up of a civilian government there during World War II.

Besides being tennis partners, it seems Taylor and McCloy had a good working relationship for many years prior to the assassination of JFK.

Jim Root

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