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J.W. "Dub" Stark and Top Ten Records Oswald sighting

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I was reading Ira David Wood III's JFK Assassination chronology and found this reference to an Oswald sighting on the morning of the assassination. I was curious if anyone on the forum had more information. I couldn't find much online.

Here's the paragraph in Wood's chronology, volume 2, pg. 3:

7:30 AM (Nov. 22, 1963) J.W. "Dub" Stark, owner of the Top Ten Record Shop at 338 W. Jefferson Blvd. in Oak Cliff says that LHO is waiting at his store when Stark arrives at about this time. Stark says that LHO buys a ticket to the Dick Clark Show and leaves by bus. Stark says that officer JD Tippit is not in the store at this time. [J.D. Tippit will reportedly be seen in this same store at 1:11 PM. He will reportedly make a phone call and then leave hurriedly.] WM. Dub Stark says that LHO returns a short time later and buys another ticket to the Dick Clark Show. This time, Officer J.D. Tippit is in the store, but does not speak with LHO.  H&L

Obviously this 7:30 AM isn't among Oswald's official movements. I'm curious as to interviewed Stark, what he said exactly (if his interview/s is available anywhere), how certain he thought he was in his identification of Oswald, if he had ever seen Oswald before, and if he (Stark) has been considered a reliable witness by researchers. Who were the witnesses that saw Tippit in the shop at 1:11 PM? Was that based on Stark's claims or other witnesses? I am also curious as to when this Dick Clark Show was scheduled to take place. Seems quite odd for anyone to be there before the store opens, and then to return again a short time later for a second ticket.

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