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PBS Calls RFK Jr. "Conspiracy Theories" Campaign, Including JFKA

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RFK Jr. has stated clearly he believes the CIA was connected to the JFKA. He has specifically mentioned Hunt, Morales and Philips, and maybe others. 


The federal government-sponsored NPR defines RFK Jr's campaign this way:

"RFK Jr. is building a presidential campaign around conspiracy theories"

July 13, 20235:20 AM ET

Shannon Bond

Shannon Bond

Since Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched his campaign challenging President Biden for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, he has given hours of interviews to podcasts, magazines and TV networks. He paints a dark, conspiratorial picture of the world, bristling with debunked theories, misleading claims and outright falsehoods.


I will spare readers the rest. 

But ponder this section:

"But what stands out in Kennedy's case is the sheer volume of what he has asserted over the years, from his insistence that Republicans stole the 2004 election to his claims that 5G networks are being used for mass surveillance to his belief that the CIA assassinated his uncle."

This is an astonishing sentence! 

Actually, there was and is a good case that the 'Phants stole the 2004 election through use of absentee ballots in Ohio.

5G technology, and GPS, allows the government and phone-service companies to track physical locations of all smartphone users, retroactively and real time. This is not a theory, this is fact. That is how the bulk of people were arrested after Jan. 6. Their locations were tracked retroactively through their smartphones. 

I need not amplify on reasons to believe the CIA was involved in the JFKA in this forum. 

But...there you have it, from the government-sponsored NPR: That the CIA assassinated JFK is a debunked conspiracy theory.

I will set aside if a government-sponsored news outfit should get involved picking winners and losers in election campaigns. 


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