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Chief Curry: Rifle Wasn't Disassembled

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Chief Curry spills the beans that the rifle was NOT disassembled and the "gunsack" was large enough to hold the rifle "intact". This is what the Dallas Police THOUGHT when they made the "gunsack" for the 36" rifle, that they had made the "gunsack" two inches longer than it needed to be. But in reality, they made it two inches too short because they didn't realize that they had a 40.2" rifle. They had ordered a 36" rifle and assumed that that was what they received. They never measured the rifle after they received it. And that's what they made the "gunsack" for in the TSBD shipping room on the afternoon of November 22nd, a 36" rifle. And this response from the Chief that, "the package was large enough for the rifle to be intact" is proof that they thought the rifle was smaller than the 38 inch "package".

The Chief states this, not as an opinion, but as a matter of fact. He could not have known this from measuring each, so he must have thought he knew the length of each pre-assassination.



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