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Guardian 2017: New JFK assassination files say Oswald-CIA link 'totally unfounded'

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The modishly left and woke The Guardian, a Brit pub with global readership, chose this 2017 headline to describe a partial JFK Records release in that year: 

"New JFK assassination files say Oswald-CIA link 'totally unfounded'

  • New release contains 1975 CIA memo denies ‘any conceivable’ link
  • Many documents in latest batch are still heavily redacted


Government documents newly released on Friday regarding the assassination of President John F Kennedy say allegations that Lee Harvey Oswald was connected to the CIA were “totally unfounded”.

A 1975 CIA memo says a thorough search of agency records in and outside the US was conducted to determine whether Oswald, who shot Kennedy in Dallas on 22 November 1963, had been used by the agency or connected with it in “any conceivable way”. The memo said the search came up empty. 

The memo also said there was also no indication that any other US agency used Oswald as a source or for recruitment." 


The above sentences are the lead headlines and paragraphs in The Guardian story. 

The Guardian also decided to re-excrete FBI observations about ML King, communists and other unmentionables in the same story: 

"Also in the latest release was a 20-page FBI analysis of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr dated 12 March 1968 – a month before he was assassinated on 4 April. One section alleges that King was attracted to a former member of the Communist Party in America. It notes that two previous aides were party members and eight others, who helped shape King’s organization in its early stages, had communist affiliations. 

The analysis said that in the early 1960s, the Communist Party was trying to get a black labor coalition to further its goals in the US. It referenced a May 1961 issue of a communist newspaper that stated: “Communists will do their utmost to strengthen and unite the Negro movement and ring it to the backing of the working people.” 

The FBI said King and his organization were “made-to-order” to achieve these objectives. 

The FBI’s surveillance of King is well-known and the analysis includes several pages about his sexual life. One document said a black minister who attended a workshop to train ministers in February 1968 in Miami “expressed his disgust with the behind-the-scene drinking, fornication and homosexuality that went on at the conference”.

“Throughout the ensuing years and until this date, King has continued to carry on his sexual aberrations secretly while holding himself out to public view as a moral leader of religious conviction,” the FBI report said. "


Op Mock or Not? 

If you think I am making this up, here is the link. 


Side note: Back in the 1960s-1980s, this was the sort of article one might expect in a nutty, right-wing pub. 


Edited by Benjamin Cole
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