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How JFK was murdered, no muss, no fuss and lots of laughs ....

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On 9/2/2023 at 4:16 AM, Gil Jesus said:

I think maybe there are some facts you haven't considered.

The Mafia didn't control the President's security, the Secret Service did.

The Mafia didn't control the evidence, the Dallas Police did.

The Mafia didn't control the investigation, the FBI did.

The Mafia didn't control the autopsy, the US Military did.


I believe the coup d'etat was the election of Kennedy in 1960 and the assassination was the counter-coup.

Well put.

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On 9/1/2023 at 3:02 PM, Mervyn Hagger said:

The various groups tangled up JFK and RFK in a web of deceit and criminal activity that no one could ever talk about.

RFK depended upon his nepotistic brother for his job, and he went too far when he insulted one of the key members of the Mafia by dropping him in a jungle.

It didn't take a Committee or even a large organization to get even.

It just took some hit men and it was easy-peasy work for the Mafia to secure these people.

No big meetings, no written notes (after all, the 'other' side pin it all on LHO with no notes and not too many smarts).

Lo and behold JFK was dead, and then, very soon thereafter, RFK was also gone.

There was no massive conspiracy involving Dealey Plaza.

But there were bucket loads of criminal conspiratorial plans that JFK and his pals were unleashing on the world.

Those plans included turning the United Kingdom into the lap dog for USA nuclear plans to control the world through its military-industrial complex.

You do know about Holy Loch and the rest, don't you?

For a time the Mafia won.

But then the other side struck back.

However, the true story remained buried, because no one could ever dare to tell the truth.

I agree that the Mafia played a role in the plot, but the Mafia could not have altered the autopsy x-rays and suppressed numerous autopsy photos. The Mafia could not have made ballistics evidence disappear (e.g., the damaged bullet that two Navy NCOs found in the limousine and that Dr. James Young examined during the autopsy). The Mafia could not have moved JFK's body from the Parkland ceremonial casket to a military shipping casket during the flight to DC. 

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