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  1. Ah Spirit, the only bad I ever saw where the drummer is the lead guitarist's father. I'm still waiting for the WaPo to explain why they hired that Woodward guy who had no journalism education or experience away from the Pentagon.
  2. No access w/o a WaPo subscription. Can you post the entire survey? Thanks. FWIW, Yes to all but the last question, of which I don't have a definitive opinion.
  3. Tippit's widow being brow beaten into accepting cremation instead of burial (most uncommon in a fundamental Baptist home) screams 'red flag'. Supposedly of similar size, build and coloration with JFK, Tippit's corpse could have been used to fake 'autopsy' photos. There are also statements by Roscoe White claiming that he had to kill Tippit. I tire of 'theories' from folks who haven't done their basic homework and due diligence prior to publishing their speculation. I also find the current forum software ranking me as a "rookie' rather incompatible with my almost 20 years of forum membership and more than 40 years of investigation into the assassinations of the '60s. Who created this flawed algorithm?
  4. Mr. McBride's book on Tippit is well worth the purchase price. There are those who allege that Tippit (said to be the best shot on the Dallas police department) is the 'Badgeman' shooter, so his elimination is standard CYA practice. And allegations that his corpse was used to fake some photos.
  5. Mr. Caddy, Any comments on Joan Mellon's recent 'debunking' of the Mac Wallace stories? IMHO, there are far too many of these tales to suggest that they are a myth created after the fact. Thank you.
  6. If you do a search on "Greer" on this forum, you will find 100 pages of info dating back decades.
  7. Y'all might find the book, "The men on the sixth floor" interesting. Multiple shooting shooting teams coordinated by radio to distract attention from the killing team.
  8. Why would either Cuban immigrants or Dallas Police Officers want to visit Switzerland?
  9. Two books by Ray Locker, 'Nixon's gamble' and 'Haig's coup' make it clear that Watergate was engineered to remove Nixon from office.
  10. Caveat Emptor on the Momo documentary produced by his relatives containing numerous errors of fact like: Momo was in the St. Valentines day massacre crew or Sam was part of Johnny Torrio hit squad. Not a credible film.
  11. The curious will find the book 'Haig's Coup' by Ray Locker very interesting. The book makes it abundantly clear that Haig was the primary source. Remember that Woodward never held a job in journalism before the Washington Post. His previous job was as a ONI spook in the Pentagon in regular contact with Haig. Nixon never knew what hit him as his chief of staff greased his exit.
  12. "Wasn't it Giancana's predecessor in Chicago, Tony Accardo who was involved in the St. Valentine's Day massacre?" Maybe....... FBI agent Bill Roemer's bugs picked up 'Joe Batters' claims to have been a part of the SVDM, but a manuscript written by the wife of one of the participants claims the entire crew was drawn from a group known as 'Fred (Killer) Burke and the Americans'. She claimed that they were chosen for the job as none of them looked Italian. Ammo matching the slugs used in the tommy guns was found in Fred's Michigan house, so there is physical evidence of his participation. Chances are that the Moran crew would have recognized Accardo, who was Capone's driver and bodyguard, after the numerous Moran attempts to kill Capone. Accardo never really stepped down from power, but appointed Giancana as a 'general manager' so that 'Big Tuna' could avoid publicity. Paul Ricca was Sam's mentor and sponsor, Accardo apparently didn't care for Giancana much at all and would have dumped him early on but for Ricca. My conclusion is that Accardo was blowing smoke on the Roemer tapes.
  13. This is a puff piece, white wash created by Sam's family to make some $$. The claims that Sam was part of the Torrio attempted murder and participated in the St. Valentine's day massacre are not supported by any facts or any other historians. When his daughters and nephew go about what a nice guy Sam was, I find myself remembering a brief exchange Sam had with a reporter outside a courthouse. Reporter, "Hey Sam, can you lend me $5,000?". Sam, "What have you got for collateral?" Reporter, "I don't know, what do you need?". Sam, "How about an eye?". Nor is there any mention of Sam's affinity for gang rape as a younger man.
  14. Hunt had surgery to reduce how far out his ears spread. This picture appears to be post surgery.
  15. While I can't remember which book I read it in, a couple of decades ago; there are claims that both Liddy and Hunt were seen in the area in the days prior to the crash. I too have seen pictures that suggest that Teddy knew NOTHING until the next morning.
  16. Many years ago on this forum, I read a post suggesting that GHWB's presence in Tyler did not preclude his presence in Dallas later in the day owing to the fact that GHWB was an accomplished pilot who could have flown himself to Dallas in plenty of time for the 'big event'. IMHO, the pictures purportedly of both GHWB and GWB being present in Dallas are genuine.
  17. Would you be as bold when your children, spouse and other relatives are threatened if you broke silence?
  18. I read many years ago that Jack Dragna's driver made a death bed confession that he shot Bennie. No, I don't remember where I read it. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1997-06-20-me-5334-story.html
  19. "The blur analysis of Zapruder is gold for the timing of shots, ". Nope, it is the timing of the multiple volleys of shots from multiple locations by multiple teams of shooters via radio communication. Three volleys by three shooters adds up to nine bullets. There may have been as many as five different teams of shooters. What's the Connolly quote, "My God, they're trying to kill us all!" (?). Connolly claimed that he carried to his grave enough lead to disprove the SBT.
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