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Speculation Regarding Landis, Kinney and CE399

Benjamin Cole

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OK, we now have not one, but two Secret Service agents from 11/22 who have said they were the one to have placed what is now known as CE399 into Parkland Hospital, where it was found. These versions, of course, likely mean that CE 399 did not somehow exit JBC's thigh inside Parkland Hospital, and then show up a few floors below where JBC was being treated. 

My speculation: A member of the Secret Service, for whatever reason, planted a slug (likely a pointy-headed slug, btw) inside Parkland Hospital from the limo, and members of the service have wanted to clear the matter up, but without implicating others who may have been following orders or doing the best they could under very difficult circumstances. 

No one wanted to "fink" on whoever did it. In police agencies, as in militaries, you never cross a fellow officer, even if you "should." Loyalty comes first. Your brother officers would never squeal on you, so you have to repay the code. 

So Kinney took the blame in the 1990s, but left instructions that it leak out only after he died.

Maybe Landis did the deed, but he admits so now when he is not long for the world anyway. He still might be protecting the true culprit, but wants a version of the truth to come out. 

My take-away is that members of Secret Service knew someone had moved a slug from the limo to Parkland, and probably also know it was a pointy-head bullet. But loyalties run deep, and fear of repercussions as well. 

And if LHO was the lone assassin, as many believed, what difference would it make? LHO was dead anyway. 




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