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Letters From An American

W. Niederhut

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     This month marked the 4th anniversary of historian Heather Cox Richardson's excellent, Letters From an American, essays.

      For those who are unfamiliar with Richardson's work, it is worth reading.

      Unlike so much of the erroneous political punditry in the U.S. media today, Richardson's observations about contemporary political issues are grounded in an in-depth understanding of American history.   She is, first and foremost, a scholar-- not a pundit.

     Here is her 4th anniversary Letters From An American essay, from September 17th, in which she described the initial impetus for launching the series-- her 2019 concerns about Donald Trump's historic, multi-faceted assault on American democracy and the rule of law.

     Needless to say, she was prescient.

September 17, 2023 - by Heather Cox Richardson (substack.com)

Edited by W. Niederhut
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