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The JFKA Was a Political Assassination---With Political Ramifications

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There are (broadly speaking) two views on the JFKA.

1. The JFKA was perped by an LN, and that is all there is to it. 

2. The CT view: The JFKA was a political assassination, by domestic forces who wanted control over US foreign, military and trade policies. 

I uneasily fall into the second camp.

Some here take umbrage when the political ramifications of the JFKA, which persist to this day (on steroids no less) are fleshed out. 

When President Biden executes a snuff job on the JFK Records, that becomes a verboten political topic. 

When both parties become merged into the DC foreign policy-military blob, that becomes a verboten topic. 

When the media becomes a Deep State mouthpiece, that becomes a verboten topic. 

But that was the point of the JFKA: to execute non-interventionism, to suffocate JFK's vision in the crib. To gain control of media. 

Should we limit our discussions of the JFKA to the mechanics of the operation, or cut history off at the BoP and Vietnam? 

History has politics embedded in it.

I welcome all views. 





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