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Miami Herald: "JFK was killed 60 years ago. Why are his assassination records still sealed?"

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I did a Google search for fresh news stories related to the Biden Administration snuff job on the JFK Records Act, since we are observing the 60th anniversary if the JFKA. 

Not much out there.  A couple smaller outlets quote RFK2, but I do nor dare post as I may get banned again. 

The Miami Herald  has always had a relatively skeptical view of the official narrative JFKA, possibly as they had sources near or in the Miami Station of CIA, and the Miami exile community, and they ran this today:


Sadly, even The Miami Herald cites the Warren Commission, and it conclusions, without citing the HSCA, and its differing conclusions in this article. 

The article lamely concludes that even if all the records are released, people would still believe in a conspiracy. 

Nowhere in the article is there the sense of outrage one should expect from "journalists" that public records that belong to the public, and that are by law supposed to be in the public's hands, are being withheld by the Biden Administration.

The article is further limited as it does not ask the question" Why? Why? Why is the Biden Administration withholding the JFK Records, if there was no conspiracy?"

People say money runs US politicians (not just Biden, all major office holders). It takes millions just to run for a Congressional seat. Maybe a billion for the Presidency.

But somehow, I don't think it is money this time. It does not seem like it is to curry favor with large party donors that Biden has done his snuff job on the JFK Records. 

So why? Why? 

The question The Miami Herald did not ask. 


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