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The Paines, The Ryders & The Ashbys

Tony Krome

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The phone number in late 1965 for Peggie Jo Ryder's father, Roy Everett Jones, at 2434 West 5th St, was BL4-7101

A Phone number listed in Ruth Paine's Address Book is BL3-7101

This BL3-7101 number is listed under ASHBY in Paine book, and the Ashby's were at 2423 West 5th St.

However, in late 1965, the ASHBY phone number was BL3-8683. It is known that in January 1963, the Ashby's were at the same address, and in fact, the two daughters of Frank Ashby had babysat the Paine's children from 1961 to early 1963.

More research is required here to establish if BL3-8683 was always the Ashby phone number, or if the number was originally the BL3-7101 as in Paine's book.



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