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Fred Litwin Blog, Re: The (lack of) Credibility of Lt. Francis Fruge

Bill Brown

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The first thing I'll note is that Fred holds pro-conspiracy witnesses to a draconian standard that he never applies to non-conspiracy witnesses, and this article is another example of that practice.

Anyway, a few statements in the article caught my eye:


However, given the affair, it was less likely that Dischler would tell Garrison's people about issues with Fruge's investigations. In addition, it might have made her less likely to question his interpretations of what was going on.

Really? That is not at all certain. For a number of reasons, the affair could have made her more likely, not less likely, to raise issues about Fruge. Without knowing the duration and dynamics of the affair, it is hard to say how it would have affected Dischler, but the blanket statement that the affair would have made her less likely to raise concerns about Fruge is debatable.

Furthermore, as Fred himself notes, Dischler said that Fruge embezzled some of her money. This would have understandably made her more likely to be harsher in her views about Fruge when she was interviewed years later. 

Fred's conclusion is that since Fruge acted dishonestly in some instances, he must have fabricated everything he claimed about the Clinton witnesses and about Rose Cheramie. This is just not a strong position, given the totality of the evidence on those subjects. 

If we applied Fred's standard to Jack Ruby and David Ferrie, we would have even more reasons to reject or strongly doubt their denials of involvement in the assassination, their denials of knowing Oswald, their denials that there was anything sinister about their actions (e.g., Ruby's apparent stalking of Oswald, Ruby's presence at Parkland soon after the shooting, Ferrie's highly suspicious "skating trip" to Houston on 11/22), etc., etc.

Fred still clings to the position that Ferrie and Oswald did not know each other, a position that even ardent WC defender Stephen Knott rejects. 


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