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The arrival of RFK at the 1964 Convention

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It was in the summer of my middle school years, and I remember my friends and I were looking forward to seeing RFK at the 1964 Democratic Convention because there almost seemed to be a blackout on the Kennedy family after the assassination, probably at their own wishes.
But  I've never seen an ovation like this.A stirring  moment, all the pent emotion!
But I decided to check this out last night, and to my surprise, who was Bobby's right hand man here, speak of the devil, Henry Jackson! JFK was considering him for VP in 1960, but decided to go with a Southern strategy with LBJ.
The man with the gavel was Majority leader Mike Mansfield.
Talk about stealing the show! Remember the main event was to be nomination of LBJ!

Merry Xmas!


I know DVP has all of these.

The first public appearance I remember was Bobby's appearance on the Jack Paar Show in in March 1964..




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