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My Great Uncle has been a Harvard Prof teaching Kissinger among others so some materials are still classified

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I found just a few mentions of his (my great Uncle's )  simulation games of psychodramas at M.I.T  in Kissinger's Isaacson biography, but he worked as an advisor to the Oval Office from 1940 till 1965 and I cannot find him in official records onéy in Berkeley and Bandeis  and at RAND - all have him online with oherdeparted Profs hompages - but the Harvard Archive will answwr in a few weeks they say. 

As for me, I was not told about him in my family as we have been living in a Russian Colony - and it was unsafe to mention an US advisor maybe having CIA contacts. When I was in London in 1974 (I was 20  and I had some health condition that has made my stay legal) he forgot to mention me that he was friends with Anna Freud  whose secretary was his sister in-law.

I am a retired lecturer at a Theology related University here in Budapest.  Rabbinical stuies.


i hope to find experts who may be interested in some unknown Professor  . a translator of the more famous Karl Mannheim - who was working with  the late Secretary of State and  some of the classified material of his will be public hopefully in the coming years.  I suppose it may have some kind of relevance  as he might have had a say when the Jewish rescue missions were lookig for  partly Jewish foster families (which are hinted at in the Tippit Call - which was hidden for 30 years (from 63to 93)  as most leaders were trying to avoid the mention of Jewish and the related Russian option probably fearing negative and malevolent  mass  reaction if such topics were raised. Jews name opins were officaly limited by the sates - in order to keep them all afraid if any of them did some sserious crime - all were suspect.

I came here because i am able to go to a relevant Jewish archive to find out about the accused families and their possible links to the Oswald-Fuhrman  household. I must  again remind  us all that Jewish names are empty - occifially distributed and millions of Whites Redss Greens or Kleins and Gross families have themselves no idea if they are related to each other - even if they do know their parental or maternal names it is not sure it hints at a real blood relation.

But in this special case there are  other lately found hints which might be moe productive  - the Budapest edited Cartoonist whose wife is a name-relative  of the Oswalds (who was ROTH  like some of he GARDOSH and that name exists in US Oswald families).It should have been researched both by official historians and those in the alter scene. Even if knowing there was some nostalgic link  to this family as he might have been spending time with a Jewish Hungarian relative as the  Tippit Call  has alleged. But  - still we cannot answer any other question or dilemma in the adult Oswald. A posssible Jewish Nanny at 2 or 3 ys old is NOT able  to hypnotize him to do any later perplexing actions. 

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