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Best online version of the Zfilm?

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2 hours ago, Stu Wexler said:

What is the best online version of the Z-film?  Not just frames but a fully moving film. 


There is no question that it is Steve Thompson's 'MPI's Version of the Zapruder Film Color Corrected' which is his color corrected versions of the 1998 MPI 'Images of an Assassination' release of the Zapruder film struck directly from the extant "original" Zapruder film at the National Archives, thus making it a FIRST GENERATION product:

Steve Thompson's MPI's Version of the Zapruder Film Color Corrected




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2 minutes ago, Stu Wexler said:

I have the VHS somewhere for the original. Lol. Glad to know it is still good.

Thom Whitehead and Sydney Wilkinson's 6k scanned logarithmic copy of the Forensic version of the Zapruder film (Forensic version purchased from NARA) is even better, but they are having problems with legal threats from the Sixth Floor Museum (a CIA front) getting their documentary (entitled "Alteration") published. Here is a link to an article with a couple of frames of that film:


And this is Z-317 from that film showing the hexagon shaped D-max black patch with sharp edges that was placed over JFK's occipital-parietal wound by the technicians at CIA/Kodak Hawkeyeworks on the weekend of the assassination:



And these frames are from that film as well (note the black patch that appears after the head shot and how it morphs from frame to frame thereafter):



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