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I agree about the goal of the learning process.” In the end our priority is to help students become proficient,scientifically aware citizens” (Quote :N.Falk).

In the science subjects contents and experimental work must be related and balanced. Without knowledge,the experimental activity is not understood in the mechanisms and these give a great contribution to the learning process.

The National Curriculum probably in every country are prolix and do not keep in account the real situation of the students, then perhaps it is necessary to select the contents and look at the real life events

Primo Levi in one of his book writes: […] il laboratorio.: […}. Un'esperienza straordinaria. In primo luogo perché toccavi con mano[….} E poi il laboratorio era un centro di socializzazione. […] Era il lavoro di équipe […].

[...] Credo che ogni chimico conservi del laboratorio [..] un ricordo dolce e pieno di nostalgia. [...] se ne usciva [ ..] con la sensazione di avere “imparato a fare una cosa; il che, la vita lo insegna, è diverso dall’avere “imparato una cosa”.

Translation. […] the laboaratory. An extraordinary experience.First of all because you touch everything with your hand […]. Then the laboratory was the place where to socialize.[..]:It was a team work […}.

[…] I believe that each chemist keeps of the laboaratory [….] a sweet and nostalgic memory.

[…] he (or she) was coming out […] with the sensation of having” learned to do something” which is different from having “learned something”.

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